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The User is only permitted to use the information, services and other content (hereafter all referred to as "Content") offered on or via the Catalogosofertas.com.co website for personal and non-commercial purposes. The User is not allowed to use the Catalogueoffers.com for:

A: the reproduction and / or publication and / or modification of software or other materials if such reproduction and / or publication and / or modification infringes the rights, including intellectual property rights, of third parties; 

B: making unlawful statements;

C: approaching, threatening or otherwise harassing people;

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E: sending e-mail messages or uploading files containing viruses or similar software programs that may impair the operation of the services offered by Catalogosofertas.com.co, the Internet or the computers and / or software of third parties;

F: assuming a false identity;

G: restricting third parties from using the services offered by Catalogosofertas.com.co and / or the Internet. Catalogosofertas.com.co pays the utmost attention to the reliability and topicality of the Content. However, it is possible that certain content is incorrect, incomplete or not available. Catalogosofertas.com.co is not liable for

- damage as a result of inaccuracies, omissions or unavailability of the Content

- damage resulting from the use of the Content; and / or

- damage resulting from problems caused by, or inherent to, the dissemination of information via the Internet, such as disruptions or interruptions of, or errors or delays in, the provision of information or services by Catalogosofertas.com.co or by the User to Catalogosofertas.com.co through the Catalogosofertas.com.co website or electronically by any other means.

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Availability of Catalogosofertas.com.co

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Intellectual Property rights 

The intellectual property rights in the design of the Catalogosofertas.com.co-website, the Catalogosofertas.com.co-logo and the collection of links offered on the  Catalogosofertas.com.co-website belong to Catalogosofertas.com.co and / or their licensors. The use of these intellectual property rights in any way other than is permitted under these terms and conditions is not allowed without any pre-obtained written permission from Catalogosofertas.com.co. The use of (parts of) the Content may be subject to further conditions. The User is obliged to observe these conditions  when using the Content. Catalogosofertas.com.co does not guarantee that the Content offered on or via the Catalogosofertas.com.co-website will not infringe any third party rights. If you believe that any Content offered on or through the Catalogosofertas.com.co website infringes your intellectual property rights, please contact [email protected]

Offers from third parties

Offers from third parties may be placed on the Catalogosofertas.com.co website through the use of banners or other methods.  Catalogosofertas.com.co is not responsible for

A: the content of these offers and / or their use by the User;

B: any agreement that the User enters into with the third party;

C: the consequences of, and compliance with such an agreement. 

Applicable law and competent judge 

Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions and the use of the Catalogosofertas.com.co website. Disputes relating to these terms and conditions and / or the use of the Catalogosofertas.com.co website will be brought exclusively before the competent court in the district of Amsterdam.  

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